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Did you know there is 160 tonnes of surplus CO2 on planet Earth for every man, woman and child alive today?

How exactly is this calculated?

Current atmospheric CO2 3 trillion tonnes
Current surplus CO2 (37% increase) 1.1 trillion tonnes
Number of people alive on the planet 6.9 billion
Surplus CO2 per person 160 tonnes

Let us assume that only 20% of people on the planet are capable of doing something about this surplus CO2, this means that 1.4 billion of the Earth's population are now responsible for 800 tonnes each of CO2.

Let's say that there is an objective to remove this surplus CO2 by this chosen 20%. How could they get rid of 800 tonnes of CO2 each?

FOPAP would like to offer a solution. A diagram of it is shown, right >>>

  1. Carbon is sequestered from the atmosphere by a tree.
  2. This tree is felled and chopped into smaller pieces of wood.
  3. The carbon stored in the wood is turned into paper and other wood products.
  4. This paper can be used for booklets, leaflets, furniture, etc.
  5. Once used, the wood-based products are placed into long-term, controlled underground storage (landfill).
  6. The paper remains in this safe storage indefinitely and becomes part of the Earth's natural composition over thousands of years.

Over 100 years, the 800 tonnes of CO2 becomes a much more manageable 8 tonnes per year. 8 tonnes of CO2 is equivalent to about 2.2 tonnes of carbon - or 4.4 tonnes of paper / wood-based products . Can a consumer get through 4.4 tonnes of paper and wood-based products each year and hit their CO2 quota?

The answer is yes!

4.4 tonnes of paper and wood-based products each year, is equivalent to consuming 85 kilograms each week. Currently in the United States alone, paper is consumed at a rate of 6 kg's each week, but this represents just 17% of sawn timber used per capita. Add to this wood products used in construction, furniture and fuel and this weekly figure increases to 35 kilograms per week.

So how long would it take to remove all of the surplus atmospheric CO2 in the world?

If we trebled the demand for print and wood based products, we could easily acquire the surplus CO2 in the atmosphere over a 100 year period. In fact, we would consume 105 kg's of CO2 per week per head, some 20% more than is required!

Surely we would find a use for all the paper and wood-based products manufactured from these billions of trees?

Yes. The world consumes 300 million tonnes of paper each year, which represents the felling of nearly 4 billion trees. This equates to 100 billion trees every 25 years. In Europe 72% of paper is recycled. This reduces the need for felling trees by 60%. If we stopped recycling paper, the demand for trees would increase to 250 billion every quarter of a century.

Therefore, if we stop recycling paper and treble the demand for printed products from virgin pulp, WE CAN COMPLETELY REMOVE ALL SUPLUS CO2 IN THE ATMOSPHERE WITHIN 100 YEARS UTILISING JUST 20% OF THE CURRENT WORLD POPULATION.

(C) 2011