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Welcome to coffee corner! It's your chance to share your views and have an opinion. You must have an opinion - good, bad or indifferent, so grab yourself a cuppa' and a choccy biscuit and then express yourself! This week’s topic of discussion is:

The new WWF file format.

As most of you reading this will know, this month the World Wildlife Fund has launched a new file format - '.wwf'. Announced to a worldwide audience under the headline ‘ Save as wwf, save a tree ’ the format has been met with typical applause by the environmental lobbyists and an equal amount of derision from the print and paper industries. A flurry of blogs and postings has sprung up in trade magazine PrintWeek that challenges the validity of the format and pooh-pooh's its claims that printing on paper is responsible for the clearing of valuable tree habitats, such as the tropical rainforests.

What do you think? The best comments we receive will be forwarded (may be edited) to the WWF as part of our petition to retract its statements and withdraw this unnecessary file format. We also demand an apology for the harm this erroneous information has caused the print and paper industries. We will not rest until we get it. Watch this space for the outcome.

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