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FOPAP sends a request to Sir David Attenborough to support its cause

22nd December 2011

Pro-print and paper organisation Friends of Print and Paper – FOPAP – have appealed to Sir David Attenborough to give backing to its claims that paper recycling should be abandoned and a worldwide focus placed instead on sending paper products directly to landfill.

Spokesman for FOPAP, John Roche, said of its approach to Sir David:

“We have worked tirelessly for a year now attempting to bring to a wider audience FOPAP’s message relating to paper and its unique capacity to act as a carbon sink when stored in anaerobic conditions underground. We may call this storage place ‘landfill’ but scientifically it is the perfect holding place for huge amounts of carbon once resident in the atmosphere as CO2, but now stored safely in the fibres of paper. We need much more exposure for this thinking and the time is right to put at the front of our group a figure that understands and can represent our views most succinctly. Sir David is the perfect choice for us as a figurehead and we have invited him to examine our logic and, if it makes sense to him, offer his support for our cause” .

As a Naturalist, Attenborough has appeared regularly on British television screens since 1954 – a career lasting well over 50 years. He has been honoured as a Commander of the Order of the British Empire and is a Fellow of the Royal Society. He has won various television awards, most recently a BAFTA in 2009 for ‘Life in Cold Blood’.  He was knighted by the Queen in 1985 for services to broadcasting.

Sir David has an active interest in the environment and in 2006 presented two documentaries entitled ‘Are we changing planet Earth’ and ‘Can we save planet Earth’ . In these, he argues that global warming is caused by the human action of burning fossil fuels. This contradicts previous personal doubts that he had until relatively recently when, in his opinion, the evidence for human-caused global warming became overwhelming.

FOPAP’s Roche is worried that if momentum is not added to FOPAP’s campaign, it is in danger of becoming just another Two Sides. He commented, “We have enjoyed huge interest in our organisation to date and a large volume of hits to our website; from governmental departments to the world’s largest corporations.  We know that they are taking our ideas seriously but, like all new ideas, there needs to be a groundswell of support for it and that is why we want the prestige of a figurehead – Sir David Attenborough – who could not be more respected for his environmental work and his understanding of the natural world and of the planet we all live on.”

FOPAP’s letter to Sir David Attenborough can be viewed here

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