And tell the real story of print and paper

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We care because we live on planet Earth and it is our only home.

Evidence pours in from the scientific community each day warning us that the Earth is now critically warm, for humans at least, and that if we do not do something about it and reverse our output of CO2 into the atmosphere, then it could spell disaster for our species. Sequestration of carbon from the atmosphere and burial of wood products underground is one of the few, easily deployable mechanisms we can use TODAY to help to reverse climate change.

The aim of FOPAP is to try and address and correct the effects of years of greenwash and, at the same time, create one community, one resource and one voice for all print and allied trade companies.

With no political ties and no sponsors to answer to, FOPAP can be honest and more outspoken, giving the industry the opportunity to  promote itself in a far more positive and direct way, whilst using our links and contacts throughout the world to gather powerful supporting data and evidence from other reputable sources. We can proactively sell our story to the world, react to adverse information in a challenging way and defend our industry with the passion it deserves.

FOPAP is voluntary, we are not doing this for financial gain. The group consists of people who are genuinely passionate about print. With your help and support we want to redress the balance and reverse the thinking that print is dead. By promoting our industry's environmental credentials, we can stop the migration of business to other formats, including emedia.

It's time to fight our corner. And tell the real story of print and paper.

" This site is brilliant and long overdue , I would like to do all I can to support and publicise it. I am a sentient human being and therefore very keen on seeing the enviornment protected and resources properly used, but I also understand business, and marketing, and spreading this true message is vital. I have worked in publishing for over 17 years and much of that focused on the paper and print industries. How should our magazines partner with you to do this in some way, also our websites, events, social media, etc? Thanks and best regards,

David Gammage, Whitmar Publications. "

" Very pleased to see that you exist - I have been working in & for the paper industry for more than thirty years - wish you good luck in helping to redress the balance for sustainable communications.

Stuart Andrews, Sustainable Options Ltd "

" Our 2,000 members and 14,000 customers are companies , internationally, that produce bills, statements and direct mail via print and the web. We would be happy to work with you to help spread your message via newsletters, website, etc. Best wishes for your success.

Skip Henk, Xplor International "

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